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Declutter Your Mind

In a world that thrives on the constant buzz of information, the elusive myth of multitasking and the championing of never-ending busyness, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing everything and nothing at the same time. Continue reading for some tips on how to go from being ‘busy’ yet getting nothing done, to being more productive and organised!

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Working Hard vs Working Smart

‘Work smart, not hard’ is a common phrase that often connotes the idea that by using just a few ‘silver bullet’ productivity hacks, you can fly through piles of work in next to no time. Good news – it’s definitely possible to work smart and reduce the amount of time you spend working without reducing the effectiveness of your learning. Bad news (depending on your attitude lol) – it still requires a bit of hard work. Continue reading for some tips on how to work smart AND hard!

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