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Update: A New Direction and a Newsletter

Welcome back to The Curiosity Concept.

It’s been a while, friends.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of everything that has happened in the world since the last time I properly published a post here. It’s been a lot, to say the least.

I wanted to open this post with a touching story or some pithy reflection about the times we find ourselves in but my literary skills are a little lacking, so I’ll just get into it.

Things are changing here at The Curiosity Concept.

I began writing this blog in October 2017 at the start of my second year of Law school. On Monday this week, I submitted my Master’s dissertation. In between these two points in my journey, there have been plenty of essays written, exams taken, seminars endured, books read, tears shed, joy shared and moments of wonder enjoyed.

I also graduated with a First Class degree and at the top of my class, which is one of those accomplishments that I’m very grateful for but I still struggle to actually grasp in my mind. Crazy.

Throughout this journey, this blog, along with the Instagram page and Youtube channel, has been such a fulfilling and necessary outlet. Since Year 13, I’ve been curious about personal productivity, how we learn and how to live an intentional life even as a student. So, the posts, videos and pictures I’ve shared here have documented my desire to develop a growth mindset and bring out my best effort towards my work.

It’s been fun to research topics like time and energy management, to explore how to write better essays and share the music I listen to whilst working and studying.

Productivity, how to learn and academic well-being are important meta-cognitive and soft skills, and even though I’m no longer a Law student, I still care about researching these topics. I’m going to keep writing about them, but I’m changing where I’ll be sharing my writing.

Introducing my new newsletter, the Curiosity Journal.

If you have enjoyed my posts so far and found them valuable, subscribe for free to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox every Monday. You can expect the same insights about learning, tips on effective productivity strategies and the odd book review thrown into the mix. But now with a more personal touch and consistent frequency.

“So, what’s going to happen with this blog?” I hear you ask.

Well, as the name suggests, The Curiosity Concept is all about pursuing my curiosity. I’ve just completed my Master of Laws degree in International Development Law & Human Rights, where I studied topics that have an impact on the world, such as war and conflict, climate change, refugees and global justice movements.

My degree was quite broad and through it, I’ve grown a serious interest in the intersections of law, history, society and culture—how they overlap and interweave.

The thing I’m specifically interested in is how we can look back into global, imperial and colonial history to understand where we are today, as people and societies.

This is an area that’s gaining more interest and attention, from Afua Hirsch’s We Need to Talk About the British Empire podcast, to the pulling down of statutes of colonisers and slave traders and the debate around “Rule, Britannia!” at the BBC Proms.

Using the research and writing skills I’ve cultivated over the years, I want to revisit interesting moments, people, laws and records in history that illuminate the present.

If this is something you’re interested in learning about along with me, you can keep following this blog! I plan to publish research articles that answer specific questions in the first week of each month.

And remember the Curiosity Journal newsletter I mentioned above? If you’d like to get a behind-the-scenes look into what I’m reading, watching or listening to as I write each article, you can subscribe to the newsletter for my research notes. I plan to publish these every Thursday.

As a subscriber of the Curiosity Journal, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions and give constructive feedback on any of the content I publish on the blog or newsletter.

I hope this will be much more than just my soapbox. I’d love for it to be a community of thinkers and curious people who are interested in the world.

So, to recap:

  • Follow The Curiosity Concept for monthly, long-form research articles on questions about global history, law, society and culture.
  • Subscribe for free to the Curiosity Journal for twice-a-week newsletters with content on productivity, learning and academic well-being (Mondays) as well as research notes (Thursdays).

These are the changes coming to The Curiosity Concept.

I’m deeply excited about what’s to come. There is so much that I want to create, whether it’s written, video or audio content. Thank you in advance for your feedback and patience as I find my feet walking in this new direction.

And most importantly, thank you for being with me so far. I’ll keep working on my craft so that The Curiosity Concept will be well worth your time and attention.

As always, onwards and upwards,


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